Rich canadian legal Casino: play it safe online

Hundreds of games available to fans of Online Casino online betting offer many hours of fun. Also, the first class software makes every exciting game, and Web site is both simple and attractive both for new players to those experienced. This is a professional site on which players can get in good time the payments to which they are entitled when they want to withdraw their winnings.

The Rich casino allows french speaking players

Rich Casino is one of the best sites for players who speak french, and it is available in many countries for the francophone populations from around the world to enjoy. Several currencies are also used to meet the specific needs of players from different countries. As for safety, these are the latest security technologies that are used to protect all monetary transactions, and this regardless of the currency or the country. The site managers very seriously the safety of the player.

A wide variety of games available on Rich casino

Slot machine games are part of the most popular casino games, and Rich online casino has many titles to the choice. The slot machines of this site are particularly easy to learn for new players because they are essentially based on luck, and there are very few of the skills that are required on the part of the player.The old classic table games like blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat abound on the site, and there are also some of the favorite games of more experienced players. Moreover, new table games are constantly developed, and these games are regularly added to the site for the delight of the fans of the site. Video poker is another popular game, and there are a wide variety of poker games available on the site with new games added regularly.

A website developing

Casino online is a site that is growing rapidly and that attracts more and more players to the wide variety of games it offers. Not only there are many categories of games, but inside each category, there are a lot of choices. This site is a platform for paris ideal for any player eager for games, and a place of game fun for new players.

No matter where they are located, the casinos attract people with their beautiful sounds and lights. Online casinos are no exception to this rule, and the unbridled propaganda of the Internet has allowed more people to access casino games they want to play. Indeed, the Canada online casinos have become more popular than traditional casinos, because of restrictions on the last. In addition, players are able to enjoy online bonus, which gives them more money to bet, and they also have more chances to win games. The most popular games are Blackjack, Roulette, slots and poker. Players can also take advantage of the VIP clubs, and most online casinos offer such clubs to their loyal players. Members receive additional benefits.

Rich Casino online has only been legalised in France for a little over 2 years. In May 2010, the Canada law of the games was enacted, and the ARJEL was created to govern the market. More than 1.2 million licenses have been requested during the month that followed the original enactment of the Act. This Act provides 3 types of valid licenses for horse racing, sports betting and poker. However, given that play like the paris of exchange activities and spread betting are at risk of addiction, the Government has not allowed licenses for these activities. Poker has been allowed because this game results depend largely on the skills of the player and the different strategies that he uses.

Apart from these licenses, the the betting market restrictions are not tax-free. Indeed, lawmakers have planned taxes on betting games. There is a 2% rate applied to poker and a 7.5% rate applied to horse racing and sports betting. However, the effective rate levied on sports betting is 8.5%, and players can get that 85% return on their bets. In fact, these laws have been implemented to decrease the level of addiction to games bet in order to protect the betting public. With all these restrictions and taxes, the France was one of the most regulated betting markets on the planet.